Selected Stories

Critically Acclaimed Stories

"The Greatest One-Star Restaurant in the Whole Quadrant"

"Regarding the Robot Raccoons Attached to the Hull of My Ship"

"The Fall Shall Further the Flight in Me"

"The Night Bazaar for Women Becoming Reptiles"

Fan Favorites

"Makeisha In Time"

"Home is a House That Loves You"

Narrated by Kate Baker

"Five Functions of Your Bionosaur"

"The Law of the Conservation of Hair"

Selected Audio Fiction

"The Mercy of Theseus"

Narrated by Dave Thompson

"The Fall Shall Further the Flight in Me"

Narrated by Tina Connolly

"The Innsmouth of the South"

Narrated by Summer Brooks

"On the Feeding Habits of Humans: A Firsthand Account"

Narrated by Adam Praught