New Interview: Think Out Loud with Oregon Public Broadcasting

I'm on OPB's Think Out Loud! This is the second interview I've done for the Dispatches from Anarres: Tales in Tribute to Ursula K. Le Guin, an anthology of science fiction and fantasy stories by local Portland authors in homage to the much-missed Ursula k. Le Guin. I'm interviewed along with fellow author Curtis C. Chen, a former student of Le Guin's, and Susan DeFreitas, the anthology's editor. The wonderful Allison Frost conducts the interview. Check it out for a big dose of my Le Guin nostalgia, and some behind-the-scenes notes on "The Night Bazaar for Women Becoming Reptiles."

Everything Old is New Again

Welcome to my new website! Which is a bit like the old one, except updated and polished, with all the fluff cut away.

The old WordPress was starting to show its age, and I wanted something cleaner and ad-free as I crank up for several big, upcoming projects which will be rolling out over the next few years. I'm feeling a sense of wistfulness as I let the old site go. It has been years since I updated it, and the longer I went without touching it, the stranger it got to go back, like picking up a journal five years out of date without acknowledging the long gap in between. Events gone unacknowledged, years slipped by without a record. 

Still, the site was serving its main function of giving people a way to contact me outside of social media, and for that I'm grateful to it, and wishing I could hold it a wake and honor its years of service.

So the old site is dead. Long live the new one! You'll find everything useful from the old one (a contact form! A bibliography!), as well as some more useful stuff (you can now sign up for my newsletter and get alerts when I have a new story out!). If you're new to my work, check out Selected Stories to read some fan favorites. Maybe I'll even blog about the writer life here and there, and share more information about the ups and downs, my own process, and things I learn along the way.